Our Story

While conducting thorough market research to determine which product our company should grow into, we discovered our core product, PVC Edge Banding. We identified a number of market gaps that might be filled as well as opportunities that were not being properly used. Mr. Akshit Agarwal, our managing director, holds a degree in accounting and management from a prominent university in Boston, USA. He has returned to India with a plethora of information and expertise about how businesses are managed in the United States and Canada, which he is now combining into a 100 percent Indian-made manufacturing firm. We are dedicated to offering the finest quality Edge Banding made in India and to ensuring that every client need, no matter how little, is satisfied.

Vision Statement

The vision of our company is to be the premier manufacturer of high-quality banding products including Mocha Brown Solid Banding Tape, Brown Teak Wooden Grain Banding Tape, Cardinal Red Star Sparkle Banding Tape, Stone Marble Banding Tape, etc., in India, and to be recognised as a trusted brand that prioritises customer service.

Values Statement

In carrying out our responsibilities, our board of directors and employees are governed by moral values.

Why Choose Us?

Certain characteristics which help us stand out from our competitors are as follows:
  • Experience- We are backed by a vast experience.
  • Superior Quality- We only offer superior quality of products like Brown Teak Wooden Grain Banding Tape, Stone Marble Banding Tape, Mocha Brown Solid Banding Tape, Cardinal Red Star Sparkle Banding Tape, etc.
  • Competitive Rates- We maintain competitive rates of our offerings.
  • Dependable- All our products are highly dependable.
  • Good adhesion- We use good quality of adhesion.
  • Sharp designs and colourmatch service- We can match any design and colour from any board or laminate manufacturer.

Our Affiliates & Customers

Various affiliates and customers of our company are as follows:

  • Crossbond
  • Action Tessa

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